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The National Human Resource Centre (NHRC) is a think tank established by HRD Corp to provide strategic and operational HR advisory support for Malaysian industries. It aims to elevate the skills and capabilities of HR talents in Malaysia by introducing new courses, certification and validation, as well as working with strategic partners, researchers, experts and industry professionals.

As a think tank, the NHRC will also play a pivotal role in influencing and shaping HR policy decisions at the national level. Through continuous industry dialogue and key research into HR matters and its related disciplines, NHRC seeks to understand the current and evolving needs of Malaysian talents and industries. These insights will help us in working with the government and other partners to develop an action plan to address them.

Ultimately, the NHRC believes that HR must play an instrumental role in supporting the workforce and industry development and ensuring that they are future-ready and globally-competitive. Therefore, it will continuously work with its public and private sector stakeholders to achieve this goal.


The NHRC aims to become a world-class leader in Human Resource Management through:​
  • Our commitment to excellence in providing reliable, high quality Human Resources services and advisory for the Malaysian workforce and industries.​
  • Our passion towards continuous learning and development to support the growth of Malaysian businesses and talents. ​
  • Our focus on driving Malaysia’s holistic adoption of global HR best practices and digital technologies.


The NHRC aims to conduct high-quality, independent research that can provide innovative and practical recommendations to advance three broad goals:

  • Become a valuable strategic partner to HRD Corp by aligning and integrating all service areas under HR Development and Management.​
  • Deliver efficient and innovative HR solutions to ensure the development, enrichment and success of all Malaysian workers.​
  • Inspire excellence through effective HR practices.


  1. Value, encourage and support the development of Malaysia’s diverse workforce.
  2. Anticipate and meet the changing needs of the Malaysian workforce.
  3. Create and enhance strategic partnerships.
  4. Enhance services through technology.
  5. Continually improve individual and organisational effectiveness

Key Priorities

  • Provide a benchmark for human resources through global best practices that can assist Malaysian companies and workforce in strengthening their competitiveness. ​
  • Create a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas among HR professionals and practitioners through thought-provoking discussions and research on the latest hot topics. ​
  • Serve as the government’s primary sounding board on all HR-related matters and policymaking.​
  • Validate HR credentials and competencies, formulate strategies and develop the blueprint for policies and regulations.


  1. To provide a benchmark for human resources involving the best international practices that can assist Malaysian companies to strengthen their global competitiveness within their respective industries.
  2. To provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and issues among HR professionals and practitioners with the latest thought-provoking discussions and research on key HR topics.
  3. To serve as the government’s main voice on all HR-related matters with regards to national HR policy-making.
  4. To validate HR issues in the country, formulate strategies and develop the blueprint for the government on policy-making.