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About NHRCI Programme

Human Resources is instrumental in the development of a knowledgeable and highly skilled workforce. When done right, effective HR management will not only create an excellent work culture with a passionate and dedicated team at the core, it will also strengthen employee productivity and support long term business growth.

The success of HR development and management in any organisation is dependent on the collaborative effort of the senior management and HR professionals at the helm. Therefore, HR professionals must be equipped with the latest knowledge and information about human capital development and its related areas that are relevant to their business and industry.

Realising this, NHRC has collaborated with the HR Certification Institute® (HRCI) in Malaysia to offer the NHRCI Certification to HR professionals in the country. The NHRCI Certification is the nation’s first joint certification programme that combines HR principles and global best practices from the prestigious U.S.-based HRCI International Certification, with knowledge of Malaysia’s labour, employment, and business legislations.

The NHRCI offers three types of certification to meet the varied needs of HR practitioners and professionals at different stages of their careers.

NHRC recognised the need having HR Certification as a platform to:

  • enhance the professional standards and code of conduct among HR practitioners, and
  • create a pool of Certified HR Professionals who will apply HR best practices in their organisations.
  • The premier credentialing organization for the human resource profession, setting the standard for HR rigor, excellence and expertise for more than 45 years.
  • More than 145,000 certified HR professionals globally

Type of Certifications


To become certified, one must acquire comprehensive professional experience and learning requirements before undergoing all related assessments.


The assessment helps you find the right course based on your knowledge level and experience while also learning about the benefits of the certification.

Exam Preparation

This 64-hour course is designed to help you understand significant exam areas. Participants will get access to extensive study materials and learning system while being trained by a team of experts.

Get Certified

The course enables you to take an exam online from the comfort of your home or office in order to be validated for your expertise.

Continuing Competency

The certification offers professionals the opportunity to keep up to date with their HR knowledge and maintain the validity of their credentials through recertification.

Benefits and Value Propositions

Employers need to invest in employee training and development in order to attract and retain the best talents that can drive productivity and strengthen business growth.

To do this effectively, organisations need to build a solid HR team with highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. These individuals will be responsible for shaping progressive organisational policies, creating a positive work culture and safeguarding employee welfare while ensuring that the organisation achieve its business goals. ​

The NHRCI Certification is a great programme to strengthen the knowledge and capabilities of HR talents in order to achieve these aims. Through the programme, they will learn about global principles and best practices of HR management and how to implement them within the context of local employment, labour and industrial relations laws.

Get your highly specialised HR skills and knowledge validated and up-to-date at all times.

Establish a personal niche in a highly sought-after HR speciality.

Enjoy the best of global and local HR knowledge in one place.

Invest in your continuous personal development and growth.
Become a recognised expert in HR and its related disciplines.

Commencement Date

Next intake of the programme starting soon.

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