Labour Shortage: The Disconnect and Possible Solutions

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Events Brief

Despite the high levels of unemployment, employers still struggle to recruit workers. However, the reasons for the hiring difficulty are harder to pin down.

Nearly 90% of 1,200 employers surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management US (SHRM) said they were struggling to fill open positions, and 73% said they are seeing a decrease in applications for those hard-to-fill positions. Malaysia’s labour market is also facing similar challenges.

Businesses are having the toughest time filling hourly, entry-level, and mid-level no managerial positions, especially in sectors such as manufacturing, hospitality, food service, and health care.

The recent temporary freeze on foreign workers entering Malaysia has also affected the already critical labour shortage, adversely impacting the country’s revenue.

This forum aims to look into the challenges of the labour shortage, as well as the best possible solutions to mitigate the issue.


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19 September 2022
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Events Brief