Mr. Che Zulhaimee Abdullah

Mr. Che Zulhaimee Abdullah is the Vice President of Human Capital and Administration of Honda Malaysia and has more than 27 years of experience in human capital. Started with his career in 1992 with Telekom Malaysia, he then rose and became the Assistant General Manager and Human Capital Business Partner for TM Global Division, Senior Manager of IR and Union Management in PROTON where he successfully concluded four collective agreements with unions and led the people transformation and change management initiatives for the DRB-HICOM subsidiary.

He was a member of various committees in HRD i.e. National Aerospace Industry Coordinating Office, Malaysia Board of Technologists, DRB-HICOM University and Board of Governance for the Malaysian Laboratories for Academia-Business Collaboration. He is actively involved with the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers Melaka Branch, industry advisor for Kolej Universiti Poly-Tech MARA; Politeknik Kota Melaka and Melaka International College of Science & Technology.

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Mr. Che Zulhaimee Abdullah


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Mr. Che Zulhaimee Abdullah

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